Cancellation, Refund and Reschedule Policy and Process

At Impact Family Inc., we are deeply committed to serving God’s people through the gifts and talents He has bestowed upon our counselors. Our mission is to provide a space for healing, growth, and spiritual development, tailored to the unique journey of each individual we are privileged to serve.

Understanding Our Policy

We recognize that life's unexpected turns may sometimes necessitate a plan change. However, we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding our refund and rescheduling policies. When appointments are canceled or rescheduled after the 72-hour window before the scheduled session, it directly impacts our counselors’ ability to serve others and earn a living with their gifts.

The Impact of Late Cancellations and Rescheduling

  1. Supporting Our Counselors:
    Our counselors dedicate their time, energy, and resources to prepare for each session, ensuring they can provide the most meaningful and impactful service possible. Late cancellations or rescheduling requests limit their ability to offer their time to others needing immediate support, affecting their livelihood and their calling to serve God’s people.

  2. Community Consideration:
    By adhering to our policy, you help us maintain a system of respect and consideration for all our clients and counselors. This ensures that we can continue to offer availability to those in urgent need of guidance and support, fostering a community of care and mutual respect.

Our Request

We humbly ask for your assistance in honoring these policies by notifying us of any necessary cancellations or rescheduling requests as early as possible. This will support the well-being and sustainability of our counselors’ ministry and allow us to better serve our community by making your previously reserved time available to someone in need.

What is the rescheduling, cancellation, and refund policy?

  • Clients are entitled to a full refund if they cancel 72 hours before the appointment by clicking the cancelation link on your client portal bookings page and clicking refund on the orders page. View Refund Process Tutorial
  • Clients are entitled to a full refund if the counselor does not attend the session after 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment. After 10 minutes of waiting, you must
    • 1) knock on their door (Client's doing an office session)
    • 2) call their phone number and extension
    • 3) email them
    • 4) contact the support team through our contact page
  • If clients have verified documentation of a medical emergency or death in your immediate family, you are entitled to a 100% coupon to reschedule your session at another more convenient time.

How do you reschedule your counseling session 72 hours in advance?

To reschedule your session go to your Client Portal @ Click Edit on your Session | Direct Link:

How do you cancel correctly and receive your refund?

To cancel and receive a refund, please complete 

Watch the refund tutorial for help.

How to schedule a new session?

You can schedule a counseling session online and learn more about our mission and services.

Get more of your questions answered on our knowledge base.

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