Statement on Amicable Dispute Resolution

At Impact Family Inc., we hold dear the Christian principle of resolving disputes amicably, reflecting the teachings of love, forgiveness, and understanding at the heart of our faith. By the wisdom of 1 Corinthians 6, which advises against lawsuits among believers and encourages us to resolve our differences within the family of faith, we earnestly strive to settle any disagreements without resorting to litigation or external arbitration.

Every dispute presents an opportunity for spiritual growth and more profound understanding among God's children. As such, our preferred method of resolving conflicts emphasizes open communication, prayerful consideration, and mutual respect, aiming for reconciliation and peace.

Our Process for Resolving Disputes

Despite our efforts to live harmoniously, we recognize that disagreements may arise. In such cases, we adhere to the following process, designed to respect our Christian values while ensuring fairness and accountability for all parties involved:

  1. Dispute Resolution:
    Any dispute, claim, or controversy relating to the Terms and Conditions of our retreats or services shall first seek resolution through mediation, prioritizing this method over any other form of dispute resolution. This approach aligns with our commitment to peaceable and constructive dialogue.

  2. Christian Mediation and Legal Costs:
    We engage in Christian mediation, facilitated by an impartial mediator agreed upon by all parties or appointed by a reputable mediation service if an agreement cannot be reached. This process occurs within the jurisdiction of the retreat or another mutually agreed location, emphasizing the importance of a supportive and faith-congruent environment. Costs associated with the mediation, including mediator fees, are the responsibility of the party initiating the claim. Both parties are expected to bear their legal costs, irrespective of the mediation's outcome, fostering a spirit of equity and mutual respect.

  3. Binding Nature of Christian Mediation:
    While mediation outcomes are not legally binding, all parties commit to engaging in the process with genuine intent to achieve an amicable resolution. Should mediation not lead to a satisfactory resolution, parties may consider other legal avenues as permitted by law, always guided by Christian charity and forgiveness principles.

This process underscores our dedication to resolving disputes in a manner that honors our Christian values and the teachings of Scripture. At Impact Family Inc., we view each challenge as an opportunity to exemplify Christ's love and grace, fostering an environment of understanding and mutual respect among all individuals.

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