How Does the Counseling Sessions Work

A typical online Christian counseling session lasts 50 to 100 minutes. To secure a slot, you must book an appointment online with the counselor of your choice. A secured link will be provided.

If you need help deciding which counselor is the best fit for you, send us a message on our support page.

Rest assured that the session is highly confidential and inaccessible to the public. 

The first session, called the Intake session, starts at $85. A Christian counselor will assess your situation, listen to your hardships, and possibly refer you to another counselor if they cannot help you.

Consider the first session an opportunity to get to know each other better. 

If you two seem fit to work together, the counselor will ask if you want to proceed as a client. 

Regular sessions have the same rate as intake sessions. In this session, you still have the chance to stay with your chosen Christian counselor or pick another one based on the pool of choices. 

You can come to the sessions dressed casually or formally. The counselors are usually casually professional. We offer water bottles, and some counselors have tea and coffee just in case you're sleepy.

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